Leadership Team


David A. Herbst

Founding Partner & Chairman

David A. Herbst is a veteran public relations and government affairs strategist. He is Founding Partner & Chairman of Vectis DC and has been Founder & Managing Partner of Vectis Strategies since its start in 2013. Herbst’s range can be seen in the variety of assignments he has handled: media crises stemming from the war in Iraq; product recalls and toxic contamination issues; and defending financial institutions and major real estate developers. As a top strategist, he is called upon to advise Fortune 100 companies to tech startups and nonprofits.

Herbst has been selected to serve as both a Los Angeles City and LA County Commissioner. He has been Honorary Mayor of Westchester/ Marina del Rey, CA and has served as chairman of two chambers of commerce in Los Angeles County.

Herbst is known among leaders in business and politics as a key “go-to” professional who always finds a way to get the job done thoroughly and ethically.  One example is Herbst’s work navigating complicated issues in Washington, DC ranging from DACA/immigration policy to environmental initiatives. He has built deep relationships on both sides of the aisle which allows him to understand perspectives in finding middle ground that drives both messaging and results. 

Prior to Vectis, Herbst held executive positions at Playa Vista, Mercury Air Group, Inc. and MWW Group. Herbst currently serves on the Board of Directors of MATT Construction, Homeboy Industries, National Foster Youth Institute and the William H. Hannon Foundation. He is a member of the Board of Regents at Loyola Marymount University, his alma mater.